General Information

Are Children Allowed? Is there a Minimum Age?

Sunflower Music Festival is an all ages event and children are highly encouraged to attend.  Trunnell’s Farm Experience is filled with over 35+ Family attractions, Animal Barnyard, Grain Train, Sunflower Fields and More to keep your entire family entertained.

Is there a Family Camping Area?

Yes, there is a family camping area that requires a quiet time from 12:30am-7am for families. You can learn more by visiting the RV & Camping page.

Is there WIFI, Internet Available?


Are There Showers?

No Showers are available.  

Are there bathrooms?  What kind of Bathrooms are there?

There will be plenty of porta-potties located throughout the Farm Experience and in the campground area.

Where is the Lost & Found?

Lost and Found is located at the Market on the Farm next to admissions.  All items found within the Farm Experience or within the Campgrounds will be turned into this area.  Trunnell’s Farm Market & Experience is not responsible for your personal safety or for any lost items.  Please keep your valuables at home or locked in your car.

Can I Leave and Come Back?

You are allowed to leave the Festival Area within the Farm Experience as much as you’d like.  Just remember to wear your armbands at all times.

If you must leave the campgrounds, this is NOT RECOMMENDED, but allowed.  First, there are essentials sold onsite at the Market like sunscreen, phone chargers ect. It could be really difficult getting out of the campgrounds.  If you do leave, you are allowed.  You will have to re-check in at the campsite showing your armbands.  Depending on the time and traffic you may not be able to get out until inbound traffic has died down.  Friday after 1pm and Saturday before 10am inbound traffic will be heavy, so do NOT plan on leaving during these times.  Again, you should plan to avoid leaving if at all possible.

Can I have a fire pit or Campfire?

Campfires and open flames are NOT allowed in the campgrounds.  The only exception being permitted is small grills for cooking. There will be campfire sites available throughout the Farm Experience during the Sunflower Music Festival for you and your friends to enjoy!

Can I bring a grill or stove?

Yes, small grills for cooking are permitted.  Fires must be contained above ground.

Can I bring Food and Drink?

You may bring your own Food and drinks into the Campgrounds.  No food or drinks are allowed into the Farm Experience Area where the Music Festival takes place.  NO GLASS WHATSOEVER.  It is very difficult to remove Broken Glass from grass.

There are Full Bar locations and Great Food locations on site during the Music Festival for you to enjoy. All food and Bar areas within the Farm Experience will close at 11pm each night.

Can I bring a chair?

You are welcome to have chairs of pretty much any kind in the campground area; chairs are welcome in the Farm Experience Area with exceptions.  No view-blocking pop-up tents, umbrellas, or chairs with built-in head coverings are allowed in the performance area.  Also all chairs must be set up behind the ribbon at the stage area to allow for dancing/standing in front of the stage.

Are Pets Allowed?

Pets are allowed, but ONLY on a leash.  If your pet is threatening or unleashed, you and your pet will be asked to leave.  All droppings must be picked up by owners immediately and disposed of properly.

What is your bag policy?

In the Campgrounds all bags are allowed.  

In the Farm Experience Area (The Hub - Where the Music happens) You must have a Clear Bag made of plastic, clear vinyl or clear pvc and not to exceed 12" x 12” x 6”

1. Waist Pack or Fanny Pack allowed
2. Small Clutch Bags 4.5” x 5.5” allowed

NO BACKPACKS, LARGE PURSES, BAGS with Multiple Pockets, or SINGLE POCKET DRAWSTRING BAGS allowed in the Farm Experience.

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